Monday, September 28, 2009


With my box and my clothes that I was trying on
The new jacket, heels and hat that was sent in the box!

This morning, after sleeping about 20 hours yesterday, I woke up feeling better and like this cold I had caught was in its final stages. I put on my work out clothes and headed to the gym where I found the stair-stepper was fixed and I stepped like I had never stepped before. It was bound to be a great day, I was feeling better, stair-stepper worked for some cardio, had a good lift and on my way back from the gym I stopped at the market to pick up some dinner goods such as meat. Having bought everything I think I needed I walked home and that is when my day turned into amazing. I walked in the door and first thing Shelley said was, "I have something in here for you"! Just about knocking down the walls I came storming through the apartment to find my huge package my parents had sent me and I was expecting! My face lit up and I had equivalent feelings to those I get on Christmas. I opened that package and started going through everything with the biggest smile on my face! I now have clothes and a wardrobe, more than just my volleyball stuff and the two pairs of jeans I packed when I was on my way to Slovenia. My mom and dad sent me the best stuff and it literally made my day/week/year/life. Receiving this package from home put tears in my eyes and was just another reminder of how much my family really loves me hahha ;)! After taking everything out of the boxes I then proceeded to try it all on because that is my M.O. I AM SOOOO HAPPY ABOUT THIS PACKAGE!

This is it for now, and I am going to do some gardening in a little while, then after that going to practice. I'll update about those two later, but right now this package is simply all I need hahaha!

Hugs and Kisses


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