Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Free Day

Being that it is Wednesday and we had no was a free day meaning I was able to do whatever I wanted in this tiny town of Haslev. Shelley and I decided to go for a bike ride because I desperately needed gum (we all know I have a slight addiction to chewing gum and if I don't have a pack I go crazy!). We ended up exploring and stopping at a gas station on a way home so I could pick up my "fix" hahah. In exploring we found the local FOREST and soccer field. On they way back to the house one of the guys from the club we play for was driving on the street and told us he was about to go play in a soccer game. Needing to see the looks of the local boys we decided it was in our best interest to go to his game! Definitely a disappointment haahha. Not too many good lookin "Fellas" at this game hahaha. In all it was a good day though because we were out of the house majority of the time exploring.
The newspaper came out with our interview in it. Here is the link to the page in Danish but at least there is a picture that you can understand hahahha!

Sov Godt,
hugs and kisses

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  1. I translated the article into English and I am so proud of you.Savor every moment and know how much you are loved grammy