Friday, September 25, 2009

Big Win!

Looking like I'm doing something!
Getting ready to warm up serving

Backset....see ya later blockers!
We pulled off a huge upset last night against the 4th ranked team in Denmark. They came into our gym expecting to use us as a practice and try different things out but ended up having to change their game plan and play for real volleyball. Little did they know, we can play better and we pulled off a big victory in 5 games. We won the first two, fell asleep for the next two, then came back and rallied for a win in the 5th. It was soooo cool to beat them when we are not even in the same division as them and they are nationally ranked 4th! HELL YA! It was a huge night for a sponsors and fans and we had a lot of people at our game with those blow up sticks that you beat together to make noise and one guy even brought a fog horn! I had so much fun! This was a great start to our season!
Hugs and Kisses

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