Sunday, January 3, 2010

wovely willages

The past two weeks have been some amazing family(mom, dad, sister, and cousin) came to visit me after 4 months of being here. I waited oh so patiently for them to arrive only to have my patience tested with their flight being delayed 5 hours! I was not going to let that get in my way, when I saw their faces come out of those airport doors I couldn't help the tears that overcame me when I was finally able to hug them!
It just so happened that the day they flew in Denmark had a huge snowstorm so we were driving back in 3 feet of snow and unable to see anything. Anne and Jesper did a great job getting us home safely and into my apartment. Since it was Morgan's 16th birthday at Midnight, I took her to the local disco to celebrate. Walking there in high heeled boots was pure comedy and thank God for that little girl because she was the only reason I was able to stand hahah. Getting home from the disco at 2am we got 2 hours of sleep before waking up at 4 to catch our train to the airport so we could all fly to Prague.
Prague was beautiful!!! oh and not to forget to mention FREEZING! The day we got to Prague it was only 2 degrees! Holy tamole I was not prepared. We got there in the afternoon and needed to walk around a little bit which was nice to do. The next morning when we woke up I had high hopes that the weather was like in California haha, not going to happen. It was still about 2 degrees and my head was freezing. Thank God I have two of the best parents in the world who felt it was necessary to keep their baby's head warm so they bought me a hat lined with rabbit fur, that thing was my savior. In Prague we visited many GORGEOUS churches including St. Nicholas and also the Palace which had a remarkable cathedral as well. The Weiners and Waffles at the Christmas Fair are not to go unmentioned either. Those things were like heaven in the mouth and perfect to warm up anybody on a cold winter night.
The 22 we packed up and drove into Dresden, Germany. We were told that the drive would take us roughly 2 hours and it was easy. Whoever told us that should have to sit in the snow naked for 2 hours because it took us approximately 7 hours. Getting lost does not even sum up our experience, we were lost and nobody spoke English so it was like the blind leading the blind. Finally we made it to Ka-Ka-Ka-Karl's farm in Germany which was so much fun. This 15th century farm was so cool to be at and the beds were more than comfortable. Karl and Birgite were amazing hosts and it felt like we were at home. We went into Dresden one day with our tour guide who made sure to talk about his WILLAGE, yes you read that correctly, Willage. I loved hearing him say Willage and it became the theme of the trip. Spending Christmas in Germany was so cool and we got to try all different types of food from wild pig, to deer, and then goose. It was a lovely trip and being there with my family made it more than I could have wished for.
I am so thankful my family came to visit me for 2 weeks and wish they could have stayed longer. Having them here gave me that extra boost to continue playing in Denmark strong and not get home-sick (well not too home-sick because I do miss them already). I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years.
This week we start up practices again and have a game on Saturday so it's time to continue our role of being undefeated and 1st in the league.

Vi Ses