Friday, September 18, 2009

SupAH! happy!

We leave for Sweden today! Heck ya! Woke up this morning, took the pictures of the apartment like I promised to do, went for a run and worked out, and now I am packed and ready to leave in two hours for our first tournament in Sweden! I can't wait to finally play in our first tournament and see how our team does against the Elite level teams from Sweden and Norway. Vordingborg VK is going to represent and everybody is looking forward to good competition. After volleyball games it is normal to shake hands and say "good game" to each player as you are high in Denmark we do the same high fiving but say something that sounds like "tak for compin" (thanks for competing). The spelling is probably terribly wrong but it is hooked on phonics version of Danish for me hahaha.
Anyways, I can't wait to hit the road and get into Sweden. I won't have a computer with me so next update will not be till Sunday or Monday. Until then, here are some pictures of the apartment and one of me to show you my excitement! Root for VordingborgVK!

Godt Morgen (good morning)
Hugs and Kisses


The view from outside...That is our door leading to our apartment.
Closer picture of the entrance
The toilet area...yes dad it is clean!
Our Kitchen! The stove is actually going to be replaced with a new one this weekend. It is nice and roomy and lots of space in there.
My side of the bedroom, cute pink comforter and look at that, my bed was made (kinda) hahhaa
View from the couch to the beds, Shelley and I are divided on our sides by a bookshelf that we turned into a closet
View from my bed in the living room. Huge couch, brand new closet in ther corner, and our very on tele (television)
view from the kitchen into the living room. Pretty cool set up
Me, fresh out of the shower and SUPAH! excited for the weekend!


  1. Legit!!! The place looks super nice! I love the ceiling. I'm a weirdo, I know. Have fun in Sweden!

  2. SUPAH!!!!