Sunday, January 3, 2010

wovely willages

The past two weeks have been some amazing family(mom, dad, sister, and cousin) came to visit me after 4 months of being here. I waited oh so patiently for them to arrive only to have my patience tested with their flight being delayed 5 hours! I was not going to let that get in my way, when I saw their faces come out of those airport doors I couldn't help the tears that overcame me when I was finally able to hug them!
It just so happened that the day they flew in Denmark had a huge snowstorm so we were driving back in 3 feet of snow and unable to see anything. Anne and Jesper did a great job getting us home safely and into my apartment. Since it was Morgan's 16th birthday at Midnight, I took her to the local disco to celebrate. Walking there in high heeled boots was pure comedy and thank God for that little girl because she was the only reason I was able to stand hahah. Getting home from the disco at 2am we got 2 hours of sleep before waking up at 4 to catch our train to the airport so we could all fly to Prague.
Prague was beautiful!!! oh and not to forget to mention FREEZING! The day we got to Prague it was only 2 degrees! Holy tamole I was not prepared. We got there in the afternoon and needed to walk around a little bit which was nice to do. The next morning when we woke up I had high hopes that the weather was like in California haha, not going to happen. It was still about 2 degrees and my head was freezing. Thank God I have two of the best parents in the world who felt it was necessary to keep their baby's head warm so they bought me a hat lined with rabbit fur, that thing was my savior. In Prague we visited many GORGEOUS churches including St. Nicholas and also the Palace which had a remarkable cathedral as well. The Weiners and Waffles at the Christmas Fair are not to go unmentioned either. Those things were like heaven in the mouth and perfect to warm up anybody on a cold winter night.
The 22 we packed up and drove into Dresden, Germany. We were told that the drive would take us roughly 2 hours and it was easy. Whoever told us that should have to sit in the snow naked for 2 hours because it took us approximately 7 hours. Getting lost does not even sum up our experience, we were lost and nobody spoke English so it was like the blind leading the blind. Finally we made it to Ka-Ka-Ka-Karl's farm in Germany which was so much fun. This 15th century farm was so cool to be at and the beds were more than comfortable. Karl and Birgite were amazing hosts and it felt like we were at home. We went into Dresden one day with our tour guide who made sure to talk about his WILLAGE, yes you read that correctly, Willage. I loved hearing him say Willage and it became the theme of the trip. Spending Christmas in Germany was so cool and we got to try all different types of food from wild pig, to deer, and then goose. It was a lovely trip and being there with my family made it more than I could have wished for.
I am so thankful my family came to visit me for 2 weeks and wish they could have stayed longer. Having them here gave me that extra boost to continue playing in Denmark strong and not get home-sick (well not too home-sick because I do miss them already). I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years.
This week we start up practices again and have a game on Saturday so it's time to continue our role of being undefeated and 1st in the league.

Vi Ses

Monday, December 7, 2009

Mega Update

So this whole blogging every day thing just really bit the big one but I feel it is necessary to do a mega update as to how life is going and everything. Most importantly we are officially halfway through season and have a record of 9-0! It is nice to be in first place and then we have this break to re-group and get our energy up for the next half of season so that we can finish 18-0.
About two weeks ago we had a free weekend so Shelley and I decided to take a trip to Berlin, Germany. It had just been the 20 year anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down so after seeing all the documentaries on tv we spur of the moment booked a bus and hostel and went out there. It was amazing! A vacation is usually seen as relaxing and not super fast paced so we will not label this trip as that. We were constantly on the move. There was so much we wanted to see in the 2.5 days we were there so there was no time for rest. Our first night there we got in around 3pm, went straight to the hostel to drop off our stuff, and then set out to explore the city. Walking and walking and walking was all that we did. We saw everything by foot which was awesome. The city is beautiful with a ton of history and I felt privileged to be there. I saw the Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, Nazi headquarters, where the Gustapo was located, Sauchsenhausen Concentration Camp, the place where Hitler's Bunker was, where the wall ran through the town, and much much more. All the history was so much to take in.
After our trip I realized how much there is out there for me to explore. I am looking forward to booking another trip when I find out when our next weekend will be. I am thinking maybe LONDON?! haha.
In 11 days my family is coming out to see me so as you can probably imagine I AM STOKED! They will be here the 18th-31st and tears come to my eyes just thinking about having them here with me. I am not so much homesick in the sens that I am sad and unhappy but I am more family and friend sick in that I miss seeing those people every day and being able to hug them whenever I want. Them being here will be such a nice breath of fresh air and support I need during the holiday season.
Life is great out here. I am integrating well and have made some wonderful friends. I am truly blessed for such an experience and am so thankful for the talents I was given. I know I have said it before and not held up to my end of the bargain but I PROMISE, I will update more regularly...not everyday...but more frequently than this 3 week period of no updates!
I hope everybody at home in CALI is doing well and that you are all enjoying the holiday season. Miss you all.

Sov Godt
KNUS og KYS *Hug and Kiss

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Preparing again

We Won! Sunday's game was a nail biter, we won in the 5th set 17-15. Barely squeaked that one out, but we were definitely the better team, just didn't play up to our full potential. With that being said, we are still tied for 1st place with the teams that we will play Saturday, and then Tuesday. The three of us are all tied and they are must wins for us so that we go to Elite division next year. I PROMISE to update about those games right after they are played so that I don't keep the guessing game up hahah (sorry).
Today I went and visited Casper's school again because his students have been asking me to come visit everyday since the last time. It was nice being there all day and helping them in the classroom. Kids are seriously the best and always a million laughs. I had a blast and it was a nice day out and about.
Things are going very well out here on the home front. The weather is getting cold, everyday, whether it be in the morning, afternoon, or evening, you can see your breath in the air. I think I am adjusting to it though considering I am alright in a sweatshirt, jeans, and tank top, but much better if i have a jacket also hahah. Oh jeez, it's going to be a fun time with the CALI family comes out to visit and we look like snow-men walking around bundled up hahaha. I can't wait to see them. I am really looking forward to their visit, and it's about time to see some familiar faces and feel those family hugs! Can you tell I miss them a little bit?
I look forward to this weekends game and I am starting to mentally focus. Wish us luck! Hope all is well with you all and I will update soon.

Sov Godt,

Thursday, November 5, 2009


We lost in pretty much owned. But that is the past and we must look forward to Sunday which is our next league game (we are undefeated in league still). Keep your fingers crossed...maybe even say a little prayer for the team and that we get our stuff together!

Sov Godt,

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

2 days away....

hahhha my look of intelligence/ the look i give people all the time
Normal look. Thanks Auntie for the head's cold out here and it comes in handy for sure!
All of us at dinner (don't judge me, I was super sick therefore I'm allowed to look terrible)
Marcus with his beautiful pumpkin
Andreas with his finished product (Marcus looking on)
Too weak and sick to cut through the frozen pumpkin
Helping Marcus get the guts out
Yes, in two days we have the biggest game against Br√łndby that we have played thus far in the quarter finals of the Polkacup. I cannot wait! Thinking about winning and the giant victory is such an inspiration that I will have it no other way, and I know my teammates feel the same.
Last Friday, Shelley and myself were invited up to Jesper and Anne's(the assistant coach and his wife who live above us) to carve pumpkins with them and their two boys and have dinner. Even though I was feeling like complete crud, it was so much fun teaching them about our holiday and how to carve pumpkins. I had Marcus, their youngest son, on my lap drawing the face on the pumpkin and cutting it and Andreas, their oldest son, doing his on his own. I had so much fun. Then, Anne prepared an amazing meal for us and it consisted of pork, broccoli salad, red cabbage salad, potatoes, and candied potatoes. I was so mad that I couldn't eat it all because of my super sore throat but it tasted amazing and made me remember what Mom's home cooking tastes like. For dessert, they make this rice pudding type dessert with a special kind of rice, cream, vanilla, sugar, and almonds. It was delicious. In the dessert they chop up almonds and leave 1 whole almond in it. Whoever comes up with the whole almond receives a present. I WON! ahhaha. It is a traditional Christmas dessert and therefore the presents weren't relevant in this case but that is how it goes down.
The weekend, Saturday and Sunday, was pretty low key and was time for me to recover. Since the doctor made it official I had Strep Throat this Penicillin has been helping so much and I am getting better. Monday I was no allowed to practice that much, doctor and coach's orders but today I went all out. I had a good practice and the team is geared up for Thursday. WE CANNOT WAIT!
Please wish us luck as we go into battle on Thursday and that we come out with another VICTORY! HOLLA!
Sov Godt

Saturday, October 31, 2009

High Maintenance

I've been the child that has always had to go to the doctor for little things and as my dad puts it, "I'm the broken one" out of the 3 of his kids hahha. To remain consistent in my ways, I went to the doctor again, after my visit on Wednesday which yielded no results, and found out today that indeed I do have Strep Throat! yay! I was actually relieved to find out that there were positive results so that I am able to get started on my antibiotics and feel healthy.
We had the local television station out at our practice on Thursday to film and interview coach Lars, Shelley, and myself. He stayed the entire practice video-taping and then interviewed us separately. It was so exciting to see how much attention our club is getting because we have been winning and making a name for ourselves! The news, with our part being covered, airs on Sunday and I am going to try and record it on my camera (I'll keep my fingers crossed that it works).
Now onto the big news, November 5th is going to be a huge day. We have our next cup game against the 3rd ranked team in all of Denmark, Bronby. I have been able to focus on nothing but this game and I cannot wait. I want to demolish them and show them how the under-dogs come up from the bottom to dominate. My mind is set on one thing and one thing only, a big VICTORY! HELL YA!

Sov Godt,