Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Busy B!

This past week has been busy but amazing at the same time. We arrived in Sweden at approximately 8pm after a 4 hr car ride. We ate a little bit of Thai food and then went to the school where we were going to sleep. Yes you read that correctly! We slept in a classroom. It was hysterical, I had so much fun. All 12 of us women, and our 2 coaches sleeping on blow up mattresses and having a great time. I definitely saw the openness of Europeans and embraced it. It was totally fine changing and walking around in your underwear in front of our male coaches and nobody thinks anything of it. It's a lot more relaxed of an atmosphere and I was having a great time. In the morning, Lars, my coach, woke us up by winding the blinds that made a shrieking noise and staring straight at me because he knew I was going to pop up and say a smart and funny comment. Sure enough I did and he died laughing! hahaha, it was his highlight of the day.
We played pretty well while being there but, as always, we could have done better (that is the mentality of an athlete---always looking to be better). The first day was our first time ever playing together and it was a little bit of a up and down until we found our groove. We held our own with the other teams but lost all of our matches (usually the score was 25-21 or around that). There were some men's teams there as well which was nice because it gave me something to look at and watch between our matches hahaha. The second day we played a lot better and ended up winning both of our matches and taking 5th out of 8 teams.
Yesterday, Shelley and I were taken to Tivoli in Copenhagen to see a huge concert (the European equivalent of the USA's Wango Tango). It was awesome! So much fun listening to the music and seeing performers from Denmark and even Kelly Rowland and Aqua. My first concert I had ever seen and it was BOMB! So in all, the past week has been quite eventful and busy. We have our first home match on Thursday which is exciting because we get to play in front of some of our friends and "family" out here.
For now, this is all I am able to update with but tomorrow I will leave you all with more! hahaha.

hugs and kiss

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