Friday, September 4, 2009

Amongst the Rich and Famous

We were invited by Jens, one of the "money men" in the club, to go out to Copenhagen with him for a big art gallery opening in which several rich and famous people would be attending and more importantly he was promoting it. Eagerly Shelley and I accepted and Jens picked us up at about 4pm today so that we would be in Copenhagen by 5. In true Cali fashion i went in jeans and a halter top only to find myself shivering as I was walking the streets. Jens had to be there early to set everything up which allowed us some time to shop and look around so we right away walked to the indoor shopping center. My mission was to find a jacket....I SUCCEEDED. I bought a nice Espirit down jacket that looks like something you would wear in the snow hahaha. So now here I was going to this Art gallery with very wealthy people (the crowned prince was supposedly there as well) wearing jeans, sandals, black halter top and my down jacket! keeping it classy! hahahha. Don't worry, I fit in perfectly. It was a lot of fun experiencing this new type of party and culture in Copenhagen.
After the gallery, Jacob, his wife Gwen, Magnus, and his wife Shandie invited us to join them all for dinner. It was sooooooo incredible walking around this downtown part of Copenhagen and seeing all the magnificient structures and buildings. I definitely love the city. It's gorgeous. After dinner we walked some more and walked through the courtyard of the queen and saw the guards standing there. I can't describe how amazing everything looked even in the nighttime and I cant' wait to go see it during the day. Today was sooo much fun and I'm loving the experience. I will post pictures in the morning.

Sov Godt
Hugs and Kisses


  1. Brittany the pictures are amazing! I am so excited I get to hear all about your exciting news and see what's going on. I love you and miss you and can't wait for the next blog post :)

  2. thanks once again for sharing...nice new jacket...did you know that when you double click the pictures....they get real big..real nice jacket...warm too??. Sov you lots. (were your tooties chilly too?)