Saturday, October 31, 2009

High Maintenance

I've been the child that has always had to go to the doctor for little things and as my dad puts it, "I'm the broken one" out of the 3 of his kids hahha. To remain consistent in my ways, I went to the doctor again, after my visit on Wednesday which yielded no results, and found out today that indeed I do have Strep Throat! yay! I was actually relieved to find out that there were positive results so that I am able to get started on my antibiotics and feel healthy.
We had the local television station out at our practice on Thursday to film and interview coach Lars, Shelley, and myself. He stayed the entire practice video-taping and then interviewed us separately. It was so exciting to see how much attention our club is getting because we have been winning and making a name for ourselves! The news, with our part being covered, airs on Sunday and I am going to try and record it on my camera (I'll keep my fingers crossed that it works).
Now onto the big news, November 5th is going to be a huge day. We have our next cup game against the 3rd ranked team in all of Denmark, Bronby. I have been able to focus on nothing but this game and I cannot wait. I want to demolish them and show them how the under-dogs come up from the bottom to dominate. My mind is set on one thing and one thing only, a big VICTORY! HELL YA!

Sov Godt,

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