Sunday, October 11, 2009

Godt Morgen

OMG! had to put this up. This lady is selling roasted nuts with the cinnamon and other seasoning on it. My mom and I are always in heaven when we smell the fumes coming from such a contraption. It is a warming smell and one I wouldn't mind smelling over and over again lol. Ps....this is in Naestved
So, I woke up one morning with this cut on my face (look on my cheek). I was wondering, when will I grow up and stop having scrapes on my face. I have no idea how it got there, Shelley promised she didn't get mad and punch me hahha.
Shelley on the way to Naestved
Me on the way to Naestved to meet up with the Irishmen
This is the gym we played at in Copenhagen last weekend. This is the men's game that was going on when we arrived.

Godt Morgen (good morning)! I have a lot to update with since my last post since I was slacking and forgot to blog! This past week Shelley started working at the teacher's college in Haslev because they have a teacher there that wanted to use her knowledge in renewable energy and such in his classroom since he is teaching architecture and things like that. She was gone from 8-3 Tuesday-Thursday which meant I was by myself, my other American was leaving me hahhaa. I made sure to keep busy with walking around the town scoping things out for when my family comes to visit, working out, and getting things settled for when I start my classes on Monday (classes meaning at a JC in Cali so that I can stay on the health insurance program hahha).
We have been teaching these teen boys volleyball every Tuesday and Thursday at our gym because they play for the same club as we do. There are about 7 of them and they are actually good and seem love like having us as their coaches. I have coached girls before and now being able to coach boys it's nice to see the difference in their attitudes, confidence, skills, and coach ability.
Shelley came home from work one day with good news! She had set us up to meet with these two Irish guys who were exchange students at the college. They wanted to meet up in Naestved(the town about 30km from us) at an Irish pub. It was a Wednesday night and we weren't too sure how the life would be out there but everybody had told us Naestved is much bigger than Vordingborg and to go out there so we jumped at the opportunity. We took the train to meet up with Michael and Brian and hung out with them for about 3 hours before taking the train back home. They were so funny. It was refreshing being around these Irish guys not only because of their accents but they were laughing the entire time! Shelley did a nice job at finding us new friends especially of the opposite sex hahaha.
Thursday night, we had been told, was military night at the disco. Since the military base is at the end of our street and the disco is at the other end of the street we decided maybe we should go check out the scene and see these guys that are living so close to us haha. After practice we came home, showered, got ready, and were out of the house by 12am(ya that seems late but we didn't get home from practice until 1030pm and the disco is open till about 330 on Thursdays and 5am on Saturdays). We got to the disco and realized that it was going to be an interesting night, not only were we way over dressed, but we stuck out like sore thumbs being that we knew nobody there. I lead the way inside through all the military guys and 5 girls there at the time straight to the other side of the room so I could get a full look at the "fellas" in this place hahha. Both of us dressed up like we would if we were going out in Cali were in quite different attire than those who were in jeans and t-shirts at this place. We stood for a little while looking at them as they looked at us and assuming they knew right off the bat we were from another country. We decided it was time to get some drinks from the bar and as we are up there Shelley handed me my Coke Light (Diet Coke as we call it) and right away a guy comes up and starts speaking to me in Danish. I give him a glance and tell him English please and he asks why in the world we just bought our own drinks hahhaa. That was the beginning to it all. From that point on word traveled around that we were the Americans from California and a lot of them had seen us in the newspaper. It was funny watching them try and not let us talk to other guys because they wanted all of our attention and such. Shelley and I were loving every minute of it lol. They were all very nice and their English was good which made it easy to understand them. Some of them were only 19yrs old while others were 24yrs old so the age ranged vastly. In all it was a fun night and was a good experience and we were told we were REQUIRED to be there on Thursdays. Of course we told them only if we don't have a game on Friday, but we had no problem hanging out.
Speaking of volleyball, since that's what I'm out here for lol, we had a buy this weekend. Like I had mentioned previously we were trying to go on a trip somewhere but having to be back for practice on Monday and not having a lot of time to plan this we decided it wasn't the best idea and just to do stuff locally. We went with a teammate to Naestved again yesterday to go shopping. I was looking for boots, which I didn't find because my size is not a common thing to carry here and the stores that did have it I was too picky about. Instead, I found a dark grey leather jacket and black tank-top to wear under it. It was a successful day! hahaha. Afterwards, we met up with Line's(remember it's pronounced like Lina) friend Casper and went to watch his soccer game-he's injured so wasn't playing. It was sooooo damn cold! hahaha. Overall it was a good day and being out shopping was cool. I really like the town of Naestved with its downtown center and big church along with all the shops.
Last night Denmark played Sweden in soccer which is a HUGE occasion out here. We went to HP's house where Him and Pape were dressed in their national team jerseys and other garments to support their home country. It was funny to see them decked out with pride and also fun watching the game with them.
I am still having a blast here in Denmark. This week we really need to focus volleyball wise because our next 3 weeks are against tough teams and we MUST win! Miss you all at home and I will be sure ot keep you posted more frequently.

Hej Hej,

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