Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Brittany Deen

So, I'm no Paula Deen in the kitchen, but let me tell you something....this taco meat I just made totally hit the spot and was SUPAH! It is nice to be in the apartment where I can cook my own food and actually do so, instead of eating out or living off of rice-cakes with peanut ahahha. I'm going to expand my horizons and try new things so be prepared for my new and mature taste-buds to come out haha.
We won our game in Copenhagen the other day in 3 straight. It was a good match but we need to work out our kinks and get things running smoothly again. Practice yesterday was cancelled because Lars, our coach was sick, so it gave everybody one more day to fire up for a great practice. Today, we had that GREAT practice. We upped our intensity and worked hard as a unit which was nice. I was happy with the overall outcome of practice today.
Shelley and I are deciding on whether or not we are able to leave the country this weekend because we don't have a match. Our options are; Paris, London, or Prague. We are still trying to work out all the details and we should be making our final decision tomorrow. If we don't go travelling we are going to go to the near-by towns with our teammates for a little bit of shopping and fun! Not much else to update with---I miss you all and will keep posting!

Sov Godt
Hugs and Kisses


  1. you are awesome..and very much loved. oh, by the way, i drove your car today....NICE RIDE
    i think for the first outing......Praque woo-hoo. have fun..

  2. Do they have sushi you can try?