Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Rossi, the dog I am house sitting/ dog sitting. He only understand Danish----it's been a struggle and he owns me these days hahha.

Oh the sore throat from hell. Yes that is painful

Karina, Shelley, Me, Sandie

I learned how to French Braid my own hair...I was so proud I had to take a picture!

On our way out
The step class
Kids are told to take their shoes off before going into the classroom so that they don't get it too dirty.

The title of my post means "sorry"/"excuse me" in Danish. I am sorry for not keeping up to date on my posts and it will not happen again (I hope) lol.
I have so much that I have done this past week and a half that I must update all about. First, and most importantly, we won our game on Saturday thus putting us at 5-0 and 1st in our league. Our next big, and I mean HUGE, game is on November 5. This is against the 2nd ranked team in all of Denmark and it is at home so we have been trying to recruit people to come to our game. It is going to be super exciting. In addition, we have been house-sitting and dog watching for the past week and a half for some friends who are currently on vacation in Florida.
Last week I visited my teammate Line at her school where she teaches third and fourth grades. It was a short day for her and all she had was to teach physical education, a step class, to her 4th graders and mathematics to her 3rd graders. I walked in and they were so amazed to have an American in their class. Being that Brittany is not a very common name out here I was automatically associated with Britney Spears and asked to sing for the class. Keeping their well-being as my main priority I graciously declined for their benefit. The step class was so much fun to watch, I forget how awkward they are at that age and that coordination doesn't necessarily exist for all of them. A song came on that I new during their aerobic class and I started singing only to notice that one of the little girls was staring at me like I had the voice of an angel (I will tell Line to recommend her getting her hearing checked). After class this little girl walked up to Line and asked her to ask me to sing another song for her because she "LOVED' my voice so much! hahah. Kids, they are too sweet.
After that class it was time to go visit her third grade class. Here in Denmark the children start learning English in third grade so they were all able to tell me their names and how old they were. Then the questions started flowing in. They wanted to know my age, if I was married, if I had kids, my mom's name, my dad's name, if I had a dog, what shoe size I wore, if I liked soccer, and etc. One of the girls raised her hand and said in Danish, "I think Brittany is beautiful" and Line translated it and it reminded me of how sweet children are. I wanted to visit every day! hahaha.
When we finished up with Line's school we went and visited our friend Casper who is a teacher at a school about 10 minutes away. His students had been patiently anticipating my arrival and when I came they could hardly sit still. Casper had told them a little bit about me and that I love to laugh. When Line and I walked through the door they asked which one was the American and Casper said, the blond one lol and they knew right away it was me. Automatically I started laughing and one of the kids said, "You're right Casper, she does laugh alot" hahaha. It was cute. I went outside and joined in a game of American Football they asked me to play with them and the teams are tied so I was asked to come visit again to settle the game. When break was over we went back to the classroom where they were about to have their English lesson. It was so cute hearing them speak and learn English. One of the ways they do so is to sing songs and that day they were Singing Jason Mraz (which I got on film). When time was up and it was time for them to go home I saw them run outside and then swarm around me with a pieces of papers asking for my autograph. I was honored and it made me feel so incredible that they thought so highly of me.
It was amazing going to Line's and Casper's schools and visiting with the children. I have promised to go back soon, maybe in 2 weeks, and visit some more. The kids are so cute and very curious about how I live and what my life is like.
Aside from my school visits, after our game on Saturday we went with my teammate Sandie to her house in Nykobing for Saturday evening and Sunday. It was a ton of fun hanging out with her, her boyfriend Gilbert, his sister Karina, and their friend Gabriel. We ate dinner, laughed, told stories, and went to the disco. I had to call it an early night because of not feeling well, I have a TERRIBLE sore throat that hit me hard and heavy. I got a taxi and went back to her place to fall asleep and her and Shelley stayed out till 4am. It was nice spending time with Sandie and her friends because she is a great person.
I am so excited for our game on the 5th that it is all I can think about. It would be amazing to pull off this huge upset and shock the nation and really make more people talk about this club from Vordingborg that has come a long way. We are preparing hard and will give them a good fight, I-along with my teammates- am expecting a victory.

Sov Godt
Knus ,

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  1. thank you, thank you, thank you, for sharing. love the pictures. the kids view of you is what everyone sees. you are beautiful, and laugh alot, and very special.
    love the auntie.