Tuesday, November 3, 2009

2 days away....

hahhha my look of intelligence/ the look i give people all the time
Normal look. Thanks Auntie for the head band...it's cold out here and it comes in handy for sure!
All of us at dinner (don't judge me, I was super sick therefore I'm allowed to look terrible)
Marcus with his beautiful pumpkin
Andreas with his finished product (Marcus looking on)
Too weak and sick to cut through the frozen pumpkin
Helping Marcus get the guts out
Yes, in two days we have the biggest game against Brøndby that we have played thus far in the quarter finals of the Polkacup. I cannot wait! Thinking about winning and the giant victory is such an inspiration that I will have it no other way, and I know my teammates feel the same.
Last Friday, Shelley and myself were invited up to Jesper and Anne's(the assistant coach and his wife who live above us) to carve pumpkins with them and their two boys and have dinner. Even though I was feeling like complete crud, it was so much fun teaching them about our holiday and how to carve pumpkins. I had Marcus, their youngest son, on my lap drawing the face on the pumpkin and cutting it and Andreas, their oldest son, doing his on his own. I had so much fun. Then, Anne prepared an amazing meal for us and it consisted of pork, broccoli salad, red cabbage salad, potatoes, and candied potatoes. I was so mad that I couldn't eat it all because of my super sore throat but it tasted amazing and made me remember what Mom's home cooking tastes like. For dessert, they make this rice pudding type dessert with a special kind of rice, cream, vanilla, sugar, and almonds. It was delicious. In the dessert they chop up almonds and leave 1 whole almond in it. Whoever comes up with the whole almond receives a present. I WON! ahhaha. It is a traditional Christmas dessert and therefore the presents weren't relevant in this case but that is how it goes down.
The weekend, Saturday and Sunday, was pretty low key and was time for me to recover. Since the doctor made it official I had Strep Throat this Penicillin has been helping so much and I am getting better. Monday I was no allowed to practice that much, doctor and coach's orders but today I went all out. I had a good practice and the team is geared up for Thursday. WE CANNOT WAIT!
Please wish us luck as we go into battle on Thursday and that we come out with another VICTORY! HOLLA!
Sov Godt

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