Monday, August 31, 2009

Car Sick

I had a rough one the earlier part of today. Shelley and I needed to go to the police station (in Naestved approximately 27km away) to get our immigration type paperwork checked so we can start "working" as volleyball players haha. Since Lars and Helle were both at work Sven, the man who was also in Slovenia and whom I like a lot, he is very funny, happy, and like a grandpa, picked us up to take us. Well everything was good up until I got EXTREMELY car sick. I made it to the police station but once we got there I broke out in the sweats and definitely was about to hurl. I excused myself and sat outside the rest of the time and thought I was feeling better. That is until we got back in the car to go to the harbor. I made Sven pull over on the side of the road so that I can get out and walk the rest of the way. He was such a good man to do so and was taking care of me well! hahaha, aside from that the harbor was beautiful and we had a great time.
Tonight after practice Shelley and I were given our jerseys for tomorrows press meeting and told we needed to have pictures taken right then to send to one of the local papers. The jerseys are soo cool and have advertisement not only on the shirt but on the Spandex as well! Overall it was a good day and I have added some pictures of my journey!

Sov Godt
hugs and kisses


  1. What IS it with getting carsick in foreign countries!!!! Because I totally hurled in Ireland. Just so you know. And dude, you look REALLY good!! No homo ;) Dig the uniforms. Get it?! DIG?! Oh geez. I'm hilarious. Gonna give your cuz a ring and see if I can open for him at a show.

  2. Uniform looks great. I like the butt basilia, and it really looks good...there are a lot of farting towns around there aren't there..ausfahrt, rundfart...sorry to hear about the car sick...was it winding roads, or the fact that you were not driving them?? I hope you don't do that often. where are the pictures for the festival....i've been hunting for them. ok, fine, i'm really satisfied with the #16.. love you oodles.