Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Taking strides

Today I decided I would be courageous and go for a run into the city on my own and venture my way back (I am not the best with directions as we know and not being able to read the street signs makes it even harder because they don't look familiar). I did one hell of a job, I didn't get lost and even took turns into unknown territory and found my way back! I had a nice run and walked around the city shops a little bit as well.

Also, today it was confirmed that Shelley, another American from the tour, will be joining us tomorrow and that made me super happy knowing that I will have a partner in crime for my time here. We will be moving into the apartment at Jesper's in about 1.5 weeks and that I can't wait for because then I can start exploring Vordingborg and developing my life out here.

My dad's gift to me, eye covers for when you sleep (originally a gift my mom had given to him) came in handy today. Although I always laugh at Morgan when she sleeps with them they did wonders for me when I went to take a nap at 3pm. I am now a fan of those soft, over-sized eyelid pusher-downers...such a blessing! hahah THANKS MOM----THANKS DAD!
We practice again tomorrow and it should be a solid one. I can't wait to get into a routine of playing and working out and all that but it will come when I move into town.

My friend Summer from up at school also helped me learn a new something about this whole blog thing, she showed me how to post pictures! yay! thanks summer! So here are some pics from bike ride Helle and I took the other day to explore a couple of a castles and just the open country.

Hugs and Kisses

God nat Sov Godt (Good night and sleep well)



  1. one more tip: when you put pics up, it always sticks them at the top of the post, but you can drag them around and put them wherever you want. looks so pretty there!

  2. hahah thanks summer, you are going to make me an avid blogger now! haha. And yes, it is really pretty here, a lot of nature

  3. You can even ride a bike and take pictures. You are getting soooooo good. AND--they are very good pictures...thanks for sharing. love you lots.God nat Sov Godt--don't let the zipper-rumper-roos bite.