Saturday, August 29, 2009


Ever have the feeling of being put in your place and then reflecting and being 100% thankful for the opportunities that come to you? I definitely experienced one of these today. After having a morning volleyball work out session one of my teammates, named Bix, invited to be mine and Shelley's tour guide for the day. We went to her house, showered up, ate a snack and then went out and explored. We were shown just about everything in Vordingborg from the castle reamains, to the downtown city, the sea, the disco, and everything else in between. After exploring we all returned back to Bix's house where she made us dinner, don't worry I did help but I made sure to only do things I knew I was capable of so that I didn't ruin the the meal! hahha. It was such good grinds (the term my father uses for food) and it was nice to be with teammates. After dinner we went back to the downtown part of the city by the castle remains and waited for a "show" to begin. This "show" was the final show of a week long festival that has been going on. This is where my reflection took place. People were lined up in a blocked off street looking at the remains which were lit up and then in the most beautiful way, fireworks started going off with music. It was sooooo incredible. As well, right behind us was the water which had fireworks coming from it as well! I sat there and couldn't believe this AWESOME experience I was having and how thankful I am for it. It is really late right now and I am ready for bed so I am going to be lazy and not put pictures up until tomorrow (nor will I profread this so it's probably a bunch of jumble) but I will make sure to post pictures in the morning tomorrow!
Miss you all!
Sov Godt
Hugs and Kisses

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  1. I'm so happy for you. Yes, honey, this is an AWESOME adventure you are on, and I'm so glad you are sharing it. I'm looking forward to the pictures, but really enjoy your writings..
    lov you oodles