Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Spider Killer

My title says it all, I am the Spider Killer. These people out here are so non-chalant about a freaking 8-legged creature running around on their carpet or in their bathroom that I look like a freak jumping and screaming. So, needless to say, I've taken it upon myself to rid Denmark of the evil...1 spider at a time hahah. Now that We have gotten that out of the way I will continue to update you all (ya'll) on my day here in Haslev and Vordingborg.
I was told that today was the day the club would make their final decision on whether or not we would get another American player....guess what---WE WILL! It looks good and she, will be coming in Thursday hopefully. This is the girl whom I will be living with and becoming good friends with as we share our time here in Denmark.
The weather was a little stormy today as it drizzled towards the evening but it still was not really cold. I was walking around in a sweatshirt and shorts after practice around 11pm and was totally fine, not cold at all. The girls are getting so excited for me to move into Vordingborg and that makes me happy so I will have people to show me the town and have a good time. As well, I am probably going to start learning some Danish through the teachers on the team because I just sit with a big smile on my face and my mind wondering off while they are speaking in Danish around me. Hell if I know what they are saying, for all I know it could be about me and that my fly is down but I would have no idea! hahaha. I was introduced to the little kids of the club (ranging in age from about 8-14) and when they found out I was from USA they stared in awe...it's like they had never seen one before. hahaha. In all, it was a good day and I am looking more and more forward to moving to Vordingborg. I miss you all and hope all is well on your end!


  1. Oh, the places you will go, and oh, the things you will learn to do...Yeh, spidie killer. This was the best thing you could have done, and I'm so proud of you (of course, I'm speaking of killing spiders)..
    the auntie

  2. Those vile creatures are NOT to be taken lightly. My rule of thumb is that if they're big enough to FEEL squish when you kill them, then I get em in a cup and toss them outside. Otherwise your ass is smashed, homie. Stoked that you have a blog! Welcome ;)

  3. Well I met the challenge and signed up.HOORAY!! I'll stay in touch

  4. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! You killed a damn spider finally...did you get sweaty palms and anxiety? Love you and miss you.