Monday, August 24, 2009

Trying this out

Hey all,
So, as I promised I have officially set-up this whole blog idea and am jumping into it full-force. Let's be honest, I am at my computer at least once a day, if not more, so it should be easy to keep you all posted on the regular. I am in Denmark where I signed a contract to play as a professional volleyballer. My team is located in Vordingborg which is about an hour train ride from Copenhagen. It is beautiful in Vordingborg, the beach is approximately a 5 minute bike ride away, the forest is 5 minutes in the other direction, and it is beautiful. The people have been more than welcoming and extremely helpful. It will be nice when I move down to Vordingborg in the next week or two and can explore my new town.
My teammates are really nice girls who range in age from 17-30 and they all speak relatively good English. Yesterday they tried teaching me the numbers 0-10 and I sounded like I had a numb tounge and was tone deaf because I couldn't replicate any of the sounds/words! Oh well, it will come sometime in these next seven months that I am here! Yesterday we had a team bonding type activity where we all met at my assitant coach Jesper's house and then ran about 1.5miles around the town and to the Military base. When we got there we did competition rounds through the obstacle course which was a blast---and physically tough as well! hahaha. Then we walked back to Jesper's house and enjoyed some games and some bomb food! Let me tell you, these people EAT! hahahha. We had chicken, everybody had their own full steak, potatoe salad, fruit salad, broccoli salad, salad, more potatoes, and more. The fruit is delicious and majority of the people here grown their own fruit in their backyards.
I saw a little more of Vordingborg yesterday and am growing more and more excited to finally move there and start living. I think I will fit in nicely and enjoy every last minute of it. I am going to try and post some pictures from my travels in Slovenia and the first couple I have taken here in Denmark to this blog but if I goof and it doesn't happen don't worry, they will be coming shortly!